This page describes each course. Please visit the Schedule page in order to easily see locations and times, and make your final choices. Then visit the Registration page for registration and payment.

Morning courses run from Monday through Friday. Afternoon courses run Monday through Thursday. Friday afternoon performance is “sharing time”  where we all get to share what we have learned and made – with an art show and short performances. Friends and families are invited to attend. Doors open at 12:15 for pizza sales; the show begins at 1:00 PM.


Medley Arts Camp 081SAMBA BANDages 8-13  with Ben Johnson

11:00 to 12:15 AM, Monday to Friday –  Instruments provided.

This workshop will have the participants drumming, shaking, and moving together like it’s Carnaval time in Rio de Janeiro. We will learn some Brazilian Samba School rhythms and breaks.
All instruments are provided by Samba Lago Profundo. If you have some carnival clothing/costumes, bring them along! No previous experience needed.

Medley Arts Camp 004PAPER MAGIC – ages 6 – 9 with Rielle Oswald

Materials provided
Rielle will open the magic box of handmade paper possibilities.  Paper casting, watermarking, sculpture.. ..we don’t even know what this means…. yet. 

GYMNASTICS – ages 6-9 and 10-13 – limit 8 participants per group

with Dena Kubota

Swings, springs and landings – the building blocks of gymnastics infused with music, games, stretches and group challenges!  Participants will learn foundation shapes and terms – or polish existing skills – while practicing independently and with partners, on the bar, vault, tumbling mats, and balance beam. The focus is on participation, safety and building a routine to be presented on Friday. No previous experience required and those with previous experience will be challenged accordingly

GUITAR BASICS – ages 8 – 13


 with Rita Deane
9:15 to 10:30 AM, Monday to Friday, bring a guitar

No previous experience required. Students will learn basic guitar techniques, including notes in the first position, simple chords, tuning and rhythm reading. The focus will be on basic skill building in a fun, supportive environment. This workshop is intended for the complete beginner, or anyone wanting to review basic guitar skills. Requirements: a guitar (any style).

ADULT GUITAR BASICS, for ages 14 to adult2015-141
with Rita Deane
11 AM to 12:15 PM, Monday to Friday, bring a guitar

No previous experience required. This workshop is geared towards youth and adults, and will cover basic guitar techniques (notes in the first position, simple chords, tuning, rhythm reading) as well as an introduction to the 12-tone scale and note reading. Students will work together on basic skills in a fun and supportive environment. This workshop is intended for the complete beginner, or anyone wanting to review basic guitar skills. Requirements: a guitar (any style)

Medley Arts Camp 037

with Jacqueline Wedge
AM to 10:30 AM, Monday to Friday

For any ability and many ages, however space is limited.  Using bass and tenor marimbas, xylophones, and metalophones, we will learn 1- 3 songs per day, experimenting  with melody, harmony, ostinato, bass lines and percussion.  Instruments are provided. (maximum 10 students – adults are welcome if there is space)

FIVE  SENSES & YOGA – ages 14 to adult –  Melina Cinq-Mars        Gain more awareness and understanding of your experience of the world.”
Senses are often used for enjoyment and distraction, but they are also our tools for interpreting our reality. During this workshop, we will invite our five senses to rest and relax. Classes will include breath awareness, progressive flow of postures, reflections and relaxation. Bring your mat, pen and journal; some will be available.
The week of “Five Senses & Yoga” is open to all levels.

ROOTS GUITAR ages 9 – 13 with Ron Halliday
Easy to understand, simple music making. Let Ron guide you toward playing guitar. Find the roots that will help you play many songs. This is fun and for beginners, or near-beginners.

UKULELE MADNESSages 10 to adult
with Ben Johnson
1:00 PM to 2:15 PM, Monday to Thursday, ukulele provided or bring your own.

If you are a beginner or already know a few chords, we’ve got you covered!  We will learn technique from how to hold the instrument and tune up, then progress to some new chords and strumming styles and learn some fun songs to strum along to. Don’t forget to bring your uke if you have one, or we can lend you one if needed.

PC290039 (2)LANDSCAPE PAINTING – ages 13 to adult
with Shirley Wyngaard
Watercolour, Acrylic or Oil (no solvents)
9:15 to 10:45 plus studio time, Monday to Friday – $90 plus art supplies.

Students will provide their own basic supplies: paints, brushes,  prepared painting surfaces (2 for oil and acrylic, 6 for watercolour), pallet, and four to six images (photos etc.) that they are interested in painting. A detailed supply list is available for registrants. Instruction will include learning through fun exercises and creation of paintings: selecting, analyzing and interpreting images; methods of transferring image to painting surface; understanding and effective use of  shape, line, colour, value and texture to create contrast, perception of space etc.; lighting choices and methods; demonstrations and practice of brush technique, paint application techniques, and color mixing. Students will receive individual attention and be encouraged to develop their own style. 


NATURE ART –  ages 6-9   with Ron Halliday

Pencils in hand, we will wander outdoors, strive to see more, and bring more nature back to our drawings. Ron will assist in improving drawing skills, and help you achieve a more realistic result.

Medley Arts Camp 097DANCE FUSION – ages 5-9
with Slava Doval
11 AM to 12:15 PM , Monday to Friday

 Join this fun and creative class that will introduce students to dance fundamentals and to the joy of movement expression to upbeat music. Students will learn the basics of across the floor patterns, turns, jumps, leaps and the beginnings of choreography.  They will learn through creative games and structured classical exercises. Music and moves will incorporate HipHop, Ballet, Jazz, Bollywood and more. Wear comfortable and stretchy clothes with hair out of the face please.

2015-111URBAN JAZZ  ages 10 -15
with Slava Doval
9:15 to 10:30 AM  Monday to Friday

 Join a fun and encouraging class that will teach dance basics as well as introduce musicality and choreography. Students will delve into a fusion of styles, including Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Electro Swing and more.  Students will gain confidence by learning dance fundamentals with technique exercises, as well starting to learn fun choreography.  Students will have fun and connect with each other, the music, and build dance skills! All levels of experience welcome! Wear stretchy dance appropriate clothes (no jeans) and bring indoor shoes.

 CONTEMPORARY  DANCE FUSION – ages 12 to adult
with Slava Doval
1:00 PM to 2:15 PM Monday to Thursday, no performance on Friday.

 This class is Slava’s unique blend of moves from various cultures that love to celebrate!  Expect to sweat, feel invigorated and dance to great music!  Class is open level, but is geared towards youth and adults, no experience necessary. There will be a focus on popular Urban Styles that are gaining momentum in the wide world, so you can learn some sweet new moves to try at your next dance party. Learn moves to DanceHall, HipHop, Bhangra, Bollywood, Cumbia, Kootenay Remixes and more!   Stretchy clothes, water and shoes are not required, but recommended. No Friday performance with this group.

THEATRICKSages 8-13 – Rielle Oswald
This course is an exploration of Theatre Sports, with fun activities including aspects of movement, speech, improvisation and group work. Requirements: loose comfortable clothes.

BEGINNER HARMONICA, ages 9 & up – Ron Halliday

Ron on HarmonicaRon has fun, easy ways of showing you how to get music out of a little harmonica. No experience is necessary. For over a decade Ron has been instructing groups and individuals. He is funny, engaging and inclusive. His experiential knowledge and stories make it easy to learn.

SO YOU CAN SING – ages 8-13, with Rielle Oswald

After learning the basics of how to use the body to sing, we will be exploring the beauty of 3 part rounds, musical theatre, and traditional spirituals, with a performance on Friday. No previous experience needed.